The Wave.

I can’t remember when I was born. 

I just know it was far out in the wilds and depths of blue-green. 

My parents, if you were to call them that, supported me and pushed me, 

on a rolling wind, to the turbulent and untamed surface. 

I came to life. 


We rolled and pitched with no visible course or shore as we navigated under the stars. 

Others, like me, did the same, day and night, toil and tumble. 

I sparkled in the sunlight, 

I danced in the moonlight,

I chased the starlight.


They were no longer there, right under me as usual. 

They were called away, not far but away, where their lives were for me to mimic.

I knew I was older, I knew the time had passed.

In my heart I still heard the ringing of youth, 

but there was a deep, silent surge rumbling gently underneath. 


I collided with another and instantly joined. What I thought was joy from the start, 

only grew to unspoken praise. 

We melded together,

we sparkled in the sunlight,

we danced in the moonlight, 

we chased the starlight. 


The words from my parents receded. 

They no longer taught, but partnered from a distance, played from afar. 

Always there, just on the horizon, leading, leading me to a destiny I know not of, 

but I have started to hear its song. 


There came a day when their last words were strange, 

where they said the culmination of their time was at hand. 

It came as a whisper, it came as a thought, that of all my decisions, all of my desires, 

I had one unknown task to complete, 

my own culmination of something I could hardly reach. 


I asked what came next, and heard that they didn’t know. 

All go this way but no word ever comes back.

It happened on a morning, as the light begged and cajoled, calling me to continue forward, following the whisper and unknown. 


Off in the distance too far to fully see, my heart felt it; 

my parents transformed into light and spray. 

It was only a second, as the light diffused through, that I saw them in a way I never knew.


At first I fought, at first I prayed, at first I bargained to only find silence in the way. 

A gentle word from a voice I knew long ago saying, “Abandon yourself to me, for your true beauty that I’ve made will shine forth for the universe.”

I gave in and let the wind, the tide, the ferocious pull forward, 

pierce into my heart something I knew but had somehow forgotten. 


We drove toward the end, with speed and light, to a sight I had never seen. 

A green shore and gray boulders blocked the way. 

It was a certain end to everything I knew, a complete end to the life I had. 

I was fearful, I was excited, I was being called to this one grand moment, 

that starts the beginning, not the end. 


For me, it happened in the morning light. 

I crashed upon the rocks, splintered, broken, and spread. 

I rose through the air and felt the light burn through my being, shimmer through my heart 

and in that instance, I knew, this was why I was born, this is why I must die 

only be born again in another place. 

The end of me was praise, it was holy and this was His calling. 


We melded together,

We sparkled in the sunlight.

We dance in the moonlight. 

We chased the starlight.

Forever and ever.  

In the light of the Son. 

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  1. Such beautiful talent! You surely have a gift…. So glad to see you’re using it…. And sharing it! Love to both of you!

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