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Living beyond platitudes: Encountering God in the ‘real’ when life gets hard.

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Shattered Glass

Eight months, seven days. Too short for a life. Long enough to change one...

The Day I Learned to Fly

Eight year old Jeff’s imagination isn’t earth bound. He dreams of flying over his neighborhood...

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Voices From the Road

Dear friend, I bring you stories from my back road travels; looking for God in the imperfections, the messy, and the real of life. I share my own experiences in hopes that you can catch a glimpse of yourself in them, and know that even when life gets hard, you’re not alone.

The Wave.

I can’t remember when I was born.  I just know it was far out in the wilds and depths of blue-green.  My parents, if you were to call them that, supported me and pushed me,  on a rolling wind, to the turbulent and untamed surface. 

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Life From The Ledge

Life from the ledge It doesn’t take much to slip off the ledges in life. We seem to be built with a desire for unbalance alongside the expectation of a balanced life. Not long ago I ran into a situation that birthed this small post. 

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Devilish Dance Part 2

Part 2 When I hit my 50’s one mood suffocated me.  “It’s too late… ” I am not one of those folks who found what they loved and never worked another day. (not sure I believe that either). In my early days, the path I

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Coaching for those who have been taken beyond their map.

Have you suffered loss? Has life stopped working the way you planned? When you think of God, have you been hurt by a doctrine that insists that it’s somehow your fault, that you have to ‘do better’ to be acceptable?

Life Gets Hard for all of us.

Enter loss. Enter sickness. Enter ongoing struggles. Your answers stop working. Your questions outstrip them, and you stop being safe or comfortable for the people in your life who still cling to those answers.
Add isolation to the original pain, and it gets hard to hold onto hope. I coach people whose lives have taken them beyond their maps. I don’t have your answers, but I support you in finding your way into a life that works for you.

I've been here, navigated these waters, and am am here to help you find your map.

Fill out the form below so we can talk about what this looks like for you. I coach over Zoom, so you don’t need to live nearby.

When life takes you off road

I speak from my own experience. I am an ex pastor who has been damaged by performance based belief, a father who lost his infant daughter, a husband who lived in an emotionally abusive marriage for 20 years, and chose divorce over raising his son in that environment.

I’ve walked the crooked road to find life on the other side of pain, loss, and the need to reshape how I come to God. I’m still on that path, but I’ve come farther than my darkest days would have let me believe.

I speak to offer hope; not platitudes, as they bring despair, but the hope of a life on the other side of loss. There is nothing that will make life not hurt.

But there is a God who meets us in our pain, even when that doesn’t mean He takes the pain away. There is a grace beyond any performance we could muster, that holds us when the world we believed in comes apart.

Prayer Requests

Leave the Burdens on Your Heart, With Me.
I feel there are few higher things we can do for our fellow man then pray for them…and I’m here to pray for you.