The Wave.

I can’t remember when I was born.  I just know it was far out in the wilds and depths of blue-green.  My parents, if you were to call them that, supported me and pushed me,  on a rolling wind, to the turbulent and untamed surface.  I came to life.    We rolled and pitched with […]

Life From The Ledge

Life from the ledge It doesn’t take much to slip off the ledges in life. We seem to be built with a desire for unbalance alongside the expectation of a balanced life. Not long ago I ran into a situation that birthed this small post.  I forgot that I have a built-in expectation of how […]

Devilish Dance Part 2

Part 2 When I hit my 50’s one mood suffocated me.  “It’s too late… ” I am not one of those folks who found what they loved and never worked another day. (not sure I believe that either). In my early days, the path I followed was to enter the ministry. I put in 6 […]

Devilish Dance Part 1

Part 1 As I get older I’ve come to the conclusion that there are truths for living that we can’t dispute. Some we cling to, squeezing with all the strength we have, others are just too big to wrap our arms around.  When I gaze into the eternal value of a foundational Biblical truth, I […]

Trusting Who?

I find myself watching the sweeping hands of time roll past and questioning what it means to trust God. In my younger years, lack of life experiences and immaturity across-the-board meant  trusting God was a pretty shallow pond.  Early in my ministry career I made very little money. I’m not complaining, I’m just stating a […]

There are many events in all of our lives where the event itself predicts something immense, something bigger than we’ve ever thought possible. These events, these mountains, and valleys create contemplation, which can turn into anticipation of something we’ve always known but might not have been able to touch, articulate, and fully live out.  Some […]

The Blame Game

I don’t know if it’s the placement of the moon or the time of the year, maybe hurricane Ian blowing through but it seems the last few weeks the proverbial ‘finger pointing’; blaming, shaming, whining, and complaining game has reached a fever pitch… Ah…just remembered,  Election season…got it… I’ve often asked myself ‘why’ it’s so […]

Sun, Waves and Memories

The memories washed in wave after wave rushing to fill every gap of her soul as she waded through the past collecting images like picking up seashells. The perspective of childhood brings a stillness and reverence to something ignored. She didn’t know or understand what was happening during the events from her past, but years […]

Navigating the Heart

Does God judge us on our performance around following the rules? Does God really care about us acting like something we aren’t? Let’s be honest, the forgiveness of sins is just that…a gift of forgiveness because of something we are…not something we aren’t and it isn’t based on performance.  Navigating the turbulent seas of our […]

Why go it Alone?

Matthew chapter 3  John the baptizer is officially out in the wilderness doing a new thing. He is preaching the repentance of sin and if a locust lands near him it turns into a ‘repentance snack!’ (In America we would have a tee shirt already) 🙂   Over the years I’ve come to believe that one […]