The Blog: Voices from the road

Dear friend, I bring you stories from my back road travels; looking for God in the imperfections, the messy, and the real of life. I share my own experiences in hopes that you can catch a glimpse of yourself in them, and know that even when life gets hard, you’re not alone.

Let’s Focus!

  Focus is such an interesting topic. Growing up in a ‘photo family’, using a camera was basically a requirement. It wasn’t just the art form of what makes a good composition, it was the technical side of how a camera works. Focus is a powerful tool when talking about

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Linchpin Moments.

I heard a phrase the other day and it triggered off something in me that I found to be true in my life. Linchpin Moments. It’s those moments when you either immediately know or eventually know, something just happened that made a quantifiable change in you. Let’s be honest, at

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Below the Waterline

  We easily forget this but what happens below the surface is actually more important then what we see on the outside or above the water line. Being a child of NC, born and bred in from the red clay and evergreen pines of NC, the USS North Carolina is

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I believe YOU CAN!

  I believe you can… I don’t know for sure but if I were to have a Ph.D. it would be on ‘how to keep going’ and never giving up. We laugh at the movie Galaxy Quest but the line ‘never give up, never surrender’ actually has a real life,

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Team Building and Team Morale

    Most of us work best in some kind of team. There are two main things that help build a great team to accomplish the goals ahead! Collaboration Safety And…there are two main groups in any team. Extroverts and Introverts. It is true that when we have a harmonious,

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Letting go…So you can Grow

 This week was a milestone. I have been cradling, like all parents, my son since the day of his birth. There are many ‘big events’ in a child’s life but one of them is getting a drivers license. The permit is one thing but the actual license is something

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  Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the details of a project, a problem, or a situation. Trying to find answers can be difficult. However, it’s amazing how a little bit of perspective can help you work your way through. It’s dizzying how the streets, shops, and casinos

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What to do about Distractions?

 Let’s talk about Distractions… When you look at the goals you want to reach and you see you are missing the mark…ask yourself what really is getting in the way? Is it one Big obstacle? I bet not. I bet it’s something like what I like to call… Death

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Story Time!

Tales from the Road Series This week we share a little story time. Wonderful things that young men get themselves into…and hope no one finds out. Peace on your journey this week. Jeff  

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The Benefits of being Practical

Practical… one of my favorite words…This week’s blog talks about the advantages of being ‘practical’ in our approach to growth. Solomon of old said in Ecclesiastes 1:9 ‘The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and

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Shattered Glass

When life breaks us, we all need to find handholds and I choose to believe that Christ was and is intimately involved with what occurred. I see that Christ is the ‘Hope of Glory’, Colossians 1:27 and it’s that Hope that is offered to all. That Hope is the foundation of what got me to this point in life.

I pray God uses this tiny, little piece of Shattered Glass from my life to help you find the Hope he offers to you.

The Day I Learned To Fly

Eight year old Jeff’s imagination isn’t earth bound. He dreams of flying over his neighborhood, free from the bonds of gravity – becoming part of the elite list of eight year olds who have flown.

When he and his brothers begin building a homemade go kart, he leaps on this opportunity to use his ingenuity, and make his dreams real!