The Blog: Voices from the road

Dear friend, I bring you stories from my back road travels; looking for God in the imperfections, the messy, and the real of life. I share my own experiences in hopes that you can catch a glimpse of yourself in them, and know that even when life gets hard, you’re not alone.

Bag of Donuts…

The old mortar and brick of the village buildings were scarred and what was left of the roads were a pimpled face, pocked mark version of their former days. The year was 1942 and the conflict with Britain and Germany was in full swing. Townspeople hid most of the time

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Plans/Faith and a 4 point Harness

It’s hard to know where to begin. Last week I kept a promise to my son… if he passed high school we would take a trip to Southern California to be around ‘surf mecca’. What it turned out to be was a chance to watch the ‘post-high school’ step, and

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Let go, for things are about to get Bigger…

My son, sometimes the reason we face change is to make room for ‘more’ or ‘different.’ You are at a stage in your life where a ton of change isn’t just over the horizon of your life, but it is literally in your driveway about to park and walk in

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Truly, it’s about Fear…

When I think back at the obstacles in my life, without a doubt the ‘internal’ struggles have been the most potent, most destructive, and most lasting. Think with me for a minute as you start playing the tape in your head, or more importantly, the tape that plays in your

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That Old Rascally Wind

The wings of this old 172 reach out to feel the air pushing back and the conversation starts. Speeding forward down runway 23L, the unseen exchange between wing and wind suspends gravity as we rise into the cool blue sky for another adventure between the vacuum of space and the

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For my Son – Your Commencement

My son, with all of the voices you have clamoring for your attention, including your own voice, which I am happy to say is becoming more and more like a man’s, and since I don’t stand in a pulpit any longer, let me give you my thoughts. I wanted to

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I went for a walk tonight.

I went for a walk tonight. It didn’t seem like a big deal at first. Just a normal evening; my son, who is soon to graduate, is off on his senior trip. The house is VERY quiet and it feels as if something is wrong. He asked that I pick

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The Touchstone of Comfort from the Past

Often, like flying through turbulence or bouncing on the waves in the ocean, life has its ups and downs. Even with the best planning, things happen in life that cause you just to need a ‘break’ or take a ‘pause’.  There are a lot of changes happening in our household

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I Like Old Things

These days, given our covid world, it’s nice to even be out at a stoplight. There are so many people! But while sitting at a light, a large, greasy, black smoke billowing flatbed tow truck rolled to a stop carrying the remains of an old Autin Healy. A real classic,

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Rise Up!

These days I don’t sleep like I used to. I am older, the body I had in my 20’s burned away like flash paper in a magician’s act and these morning times are not always fun. Today, at 4 am, wide awake I decided to jog, walk and crawl.  I

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Shattered Glass

When life breaks us, we all need to find handholds and I choose to believe that Christ was and is intimately involved with what occurred. I see that Christ is the ‘Hope of Glory’, Colossians 1:27 and it’s that Hope that is offered to all. That Hope is the foundation of what got me to this point in life.

I pray God uses this tiny, little piece of Shattered Glass from my life to help you find the Hope he offers to you.

The Day I Learned To Fly

Eight year old Jeff’s imagination isn’t earth bound. He dreams of flying over his neighborhood, free from the bonds of gravity – becoming part of the elite list of eight year olds who have flown.

When he and his brothers begin building a homemade go kart, he leaps on this opportunity to use his ingenuity, and make his dreams real!